Monday, February 27, 2012

Trippy Trippy

What it is: A piece of art that covers a magazine called CMYK, which is great to read for ideas, information, and tips in graphic design. Its Function: Is to draw the attention of a reader that might pick up the magazine. Where I saw it: Actually I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase HOW magazine, another art design mag, and ended up buying this along with it. Design and Typography: The actual design of the cover page would be a psychedelic era style, you can tell by the curvy type and forms. Also the colors hint to the era as well, bright, eye popping, smooth colors. Quality: Well the quality is amazing, I mean, how could it not be and be on a cover of a magazine. I love the colors along with the crazy design, just like any other psychedelic piece. Each curve serves its purpose by drawing your eye to the center, the number 51, which is the issue number. The idea of incorporating the issue number to the center of the art itself was very interesting. Overall I love this piece of art, and please read the CMYK magazine, you wont be disappointed.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Riddle

WHAT IT IS: My Picture is of a clip out in the U of I novelty newspaper called The Black Sheep. The picture is of a strange grouping of objects which covey a riddle. FUNCTION: The art uses objects to portray an story. WHERE I SAW IT: In the University of Illinois novelty that makes fun of the mishaps at events around campus. DESIGN & TYPOGRAPHY: Simple to the point, all capital title, with small printed directions. The image is surrounded with a border containing images that display a riddle. QUALITY: I feel that this design is very creative but also simple. Overall a well designed ad.

Monday, February 6, 2012


What it is: A bag of wonderful pistachios that has a very simple, yet bold design. The function: Is to grab the viewers eye by using a dark bag with a colorful sleek green font. Where you saw it: I actually have four bags of these because I am severely addicted to them. So I just grabbed on out of the cabinet. The style and typography: The style would just be a modern sleek style that is quite simple. the typography is something like a Arial font which stands out due to the pee green color. The quality: would have to be good because it is a commercial piece so they are doing better than me. My attraction: is the food and the simple advertisement that kind of says the product is simple.