Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bear

This is a Vancouver Grizzlies hat, a vintage hat that has been brought back due to New Era's snap-back/throwback hat line. The design is a logo that was used for the team when they were in Vancouver, now the grizzlies are in Memphis, but that doesn't matter. I absolutely favor this design due to the use of color. There is actually a bit of type used in it as well. Stitched in on the back, is the text "Vancouver" which serves no purpose to the basic design, but gives the hat a second focus point. The logo consists of the letter G for grizzlies, with a bear rising over the letter, swiping its paw across the surface. Like I said, simple but very colorful.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple Straws

Sour punch straws, my favorite candy snack there is! I bought these at a gas station, they are pretty much in every convenient store. The function of this packaging is to draw the consumer in right? well what better way to do that than make the type bold with lightning bolts and cute little circle characters puckering their faces. I mean that's just a warning right now telling you that if you are looking for a sour treat, these are what you need. It is a pretty basic design, not a lot of detail but why do you need detail when the product is made for kids. Overall, I really agree with the design of the package, however I believe it is very simple. But, simple is not always a bad thing. The design follows the contents the design is advertising and that's all that matters.