Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresher Than Fresh

What It is: A package design of a top selling bubble gum brand named Wrigley's.
Function: It is a small, highly portable, package of gum that you can take anywhere. Always giving you the option of fresh breath.
Design & typography: The design of the package creates a image telling the consumer that this gum will in fact make your breath fresher. The cold snowflakes and the mountain tops send that message of just how fresh your mouth could be by just tearing off the package and chewing up one of those pieces. It even tells how fresh the gum actually is, using fresh in the label itself. Also, uses a nice type with sharp edges and a shadowed lining, making the name pop.
Quality: Uses detail to explain what is contained in the packaging. Noted- Small hints of the snowflakes and mountain peaks.
What Attracted you to the piece: I just wanted the freshest breath I could possibly get and by looking at different gum packages i decided that my best chance would be with the winter freshness of Wrigley's.

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