Monday, April 2, 2012


WHAT IT IS: Advertisement that I found from my hometown Robinson.
FUNCTION: To attract people to the Budweiser product, by using a deer and trying to connect with a certain group of people.
WHERE I SAW IT: I actually picked it up from a liquor store there, the manager sold it to me for five bucks.
DESIGN & TYPOGRAPHY: Design is simple, it uses to connections with hunting, sights down a scope and a nice whitetail deer. Budweiser used it original symbol with the kings hat and elegant font.
QUALITY: I loved the quality of this piece, It was done with a screen press. Three layers for the orange, white, and black.
ATTRACTIONS: Well I am a hunter so of course this advertisement was going to appeal to me. There isn't much of anything that is better than liquor and firearms right?

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